Competent employees are the lifeblood of any business and finding those employees can be the most frustrating challenge a business owner faces. This is especially true when looking to employ outsourcers. If you are like me, you have tried, and many other job placement websites. If you are lucky, responses in the form of hundreds of emails flood your inbox, waiting for you to have the time and patience to sort through them.  There is no way to distinguish which is a qualified response and who is only applying because they responded to all ads posted that day or your compensation offered was high enough to gain their attention. Whether you are fortunate enough to find a qualified candidate or not, you have no doubt wasted your much valuable time and money.  Having first-hand experience with these trials and tribulations, I sympathize with all business owners in wanting a faster, easier and cost effective solution to finding capable outsourcers. It was not until a colleague introduced me to did my hiring problems disappear.

Save Your time and money with Odesk.

The most expensive part of running any business is its employees. I am not referring to their paycheck, but the cost of finding them, training them and retaining them.  There are also many other costs involved such as health care, overtime, office space and finding specialized people for certain projects. Using to create a virtual workforce solves these problems and frees up your capitol to help run your business.

Odesk allows you to find qualified people in your area, across the country or around the world.

Posting for job openings on services such as, or in local newspapers leaves you weeding through hundreds of emails from job applicants, not to mention the ton of SPAM that goes along with your posting. You are left trying to figure out which person has the right skill set for the job and what their past performance was on similar jobs.

With you can not only post an available job position but search through thousands of qualified applicants. Odesk gives competency tests to make sure each applicant has the required skills needed to perform the work required. You can dig further into an applicant’s work history by reading comments from past employers and viewing samples of previous work. Odesk has also streamlined the interviewing and hiring process making it easy to hire short-term employees, long term employees or build a team of people.

Mange your team of people as if they were sitting next to you.

One of the biggest problems with hiring outsourcers or any employee for that matter is making sure that they are actually working and staying on task. With’s advanced technology you can monitor your worker’s activity on your computer screen. One of the safeguards to make sure that your employees are working on your project and not surfing the web or chatting with friends is random screen shots of their monitor for you to view. Every minute that a task is being worked on is also logged into the system giving you complete control over your workforce, even more so then having them in the office next to you.

Another huge advantage of is the ability to group and mange people together by projects.  Most projects need multiple people with different skill sets to complete the job. If you are launching a new website you will probably need a programmer, website designer, seo specialists and professional writer. With odesk’s interface you can allow for each member to communicate with one another as if they were working in the same room. You can also appoint a team manager who can assign and monitor each task to make sure your project is running smoothly and each task is completed on time.

Payroll done easy with odesk.

The nightmare of paying outsourcers is taken care of in one easy interface. You get detailed reports on each outsourcer at the end of each week and have the opportunity to object to any hours billed. If you agree to all the hours billed, then payment is made through your bank account or credit card that you specify. gives you full control of your expenses at a touch of a button.

Setting an Odesk account is FREE and takes less then 10 minutes.

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Using to find and hire qualified contractors is easy and free without the aggravation you have come to expect from trying to find qualified outsources. Setting up your account takes less than ten minutes and you will be on your way to finding your next star employee. Click here to begin.

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